About Us

We spend our time storing, retrieving, manipulating and communicating information for centuries, and with time, we got to the conclusion that the use of technologies is inevitable.
Now the big question is … At what price ???

At 48 memory, we highly prioritize solving the most common and biggest challenges regarding information technology, in the most affordable way possible.

Our years of providing service to the African Market has led us to diversify our offerings. Thus introduce different services aimed at tackling the challenges Africa is experiencing in the delivery of quality, flexible, convenient and affordable information technology solutions that are needed to empower businesses, institutions and more importantly the lives of the population.

Our Services

Management systems

With the use of cutting edge technology, our systems allows clients to feel connected to their business. Remotely or directly connected to the system, we aim to provide accessibility, security, reliability and above all control of business related matter accordingly.

Mobile apps development

Mobile applications have been evolving at a rapid pace, applications have established themselves as an important entity within our daily functions. Don’t be left behind, catch up with reality by enhancing productivity with mobile apps development, by either running a native mobile app or on a hybrid web app.

Web development

We provide services within four distinctive web based solutions, namely simple, complex and dynamic; intranet and content management systems. we offer a range of diverse solutions to cater to different needs. Furthermore we provide our clients with resources to enable a rapid and affordable implementation of their system that will work in all major browsers and/or devices.  

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What else we provide?

Graphics And Design

Logo design, business cards, visual arts, corporate identity, flyers, posters, photo editing, brochure designs, infographics, invitations and other

Digital Marketing

E-Commerce platform, SEO, Web analytics, Social media,  email and mobile marketing


Business plans, branding services, market research and other